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The editors of ZIS – Review of International Criminal Law Doctrine – accept the challenges that continuing globalization and multimedia networking pose to criminal law. In particular, the “Europeanization of Criminal Law” is to be taken into closer consideration. As a modern medium, the Internet offers a wealth of opportunities that the traditional print media cannot provide.
Therefore, ZIS is planning to give room to short and longer academic essays dealing with German and international criminal law as well as criminal procedure law. As a result, long publication delays are generally able to be avoided, as is the problem of having to develop scientific ideas and publishing them in a self-dependent unprofitable way.
Therefore, the editors of ZIS want to take advantage of an internet present medium such as the Internet. Hence, ZIS was established as an online review medium at the beginning of 2006. Users can easily call up either the whole issue or just a single contribution and, if required, print it. By filing the older issues in an online archive access to every published contribution is assured. PDF-files are designed in a very legible standard, allowing an exact per page citation just like in traditional print media (citation proposal: Rotsch, ZIS 2006, 17).
Essays, comments on judgments and literature reviews will be published in German but also in other languages (authors can find more details here).
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Prof. Dr. Roland Hefendehl
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoyer
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rotsch
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Bernd Schünemann
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rotsch
Editorial Department (national)
Prof. Dr. Martin Böse
Prof. Dr. Michael Heghmanns
Prof. Dr. Holm Putzke
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rotsch
Prof. Dr. Arndt Sinn
Editorial Department (international)
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Kai Ambos, Richter am Kosovo Sondertribunal, Den Haag
International Advisory Board
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rotsch
Responsible for editorial finishing
Wiss. Mitarbeiter Dennis Klein
Proofreading of foreign language papers for academic purposes
Noelia Nuñez
Eneas Romero
Jaime Winter Etcheberry
René Grellert